How would a better wage for Michigan tipped workers help you?

Thank You!

Thank you for speaking up for a fair wage for Michigan’s tipped wage workers. Elected officials like to talk a lot about the economy, but not nearly enough about how we need to raise the wages of the hardworking people who make our economy strong. And we’re trying to change that conversation by hearing what you have to say. By weighing in and sharing your personal story, you can help give a face to this important issue and encourage the Legislature to take action on better wages for all.

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There are approximately 160,000 tipped workers in Michigan. Two out of three tipped workers are women; one in three tipped workers are parents; half of tipped workers are 30 years old or older. And right now, Michigan’s tipped workers currently make $3.10/hour, which is $5.05 less than minimum wage. We have to change that. That’s why we have introduced legislation that will create one fair wage for every worker by phasing out the sub-minimum wage that keeps far too many families in poverty. Living week to week is hard enough. But imagine doing it when you never know what exactly your weekly income is going to be. Every single worker in Michigan deserves the same economic stability and certainty that we all hope to have in our jobs. But we want to know what you think. Tell us how a better wage for Michigan tipped workers would help you.

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