SCOTUS has ruled to allow same-sex couples to legally marry. How does this ruling affect you, your friends and your family?”

Thank You!

Thank you for weighing in on LGBTQ rights and the message these discriminatory proposals send about Michigan. A large majority of people support legal protections for LGBTQ citizens in Michigan, yet Michigan Republicans continue to pander to conservative extremists. But the more people we can get to speak out, the more elected officials will see that these bills don’t reflect the desires of the citizens they represent. If we can show that the opposition to these proposals is strong and broad from the LGBTQ community to the business community, we can make sure that Michigan is an inclusive and accepting place for all people.

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The LGBTQ community makes up about 4 percent of the population, which in Michigan is around 300,000 people. LGBTQ citizens are an integral part of our state and local communities and we believe elected officials should be focused on creating open and accepting policies that extend greater rights and protections for them, not the other way around. Instead, Michigan Republicans are focused on passing discriminatory legislation that both directly and subversively attack LGBTQ residents, including bills to prevent same-sex parent adoption and Senate Bill 4, the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). Michigan Republicans also continue to refuse to act on extending basic civil rights protections to LGBTQ citizens by expanding the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act. Let us know what you think about these proposals and the impact they will have on our economy and our citizens.

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